Director of Business Development

Jarmila Chlopecka is a highly talented multi-lingual professional and Director of Business Development for Farazad Productions. She has a profound love of cultures and a unique ability to communicate with people from a diverse social background. Her passion drives her to fully explore many of life’s adventures and truly uncover opportunities and experiences that open doors to new horizons. She has an admirable discipline that drives her to achieve success in any situation presented her way.




Jarmila always had a passion for languages and from a young age she dedicated her time to learn and pursue fluency in languages, alongside Biology and Geography. She also gained the qualification to teach English as a foreign language. In 1995 she moved to the UK and worked for high net worth clients managing their day to day operations and schedules in addition to organising their private household affairs. Her trustworthy nature and professionalism catapulted her to work with some of the most private and influential families all over the world. In 2003 she perused a career change and worked with one of the most bespoke retail fashion houses as a Beauty Consultant, which entailed Business Development and contributing to the successful management of new product launches and promotional campaigns.


She gained new skills and had the ability to work effectively on her own initiative whilst demonstrating the organisation and time management required to achieve targets and objectives that further enhanced the companies bottom line. Jarmila is a great team leader and patient teacher and enjoys motivating, a successful and productive team and thrives in highly pressurised and challenging working environments.


A new opportunity within the Fashion House arose and Jarmila was promoted as the Account Manager, this fundamentally developed her skills and management ability. She ensured exceptional standard of service whilst facilitating business growth and development of the brand. Providing management and support to other members of staff and motivating them towards the achievement of demanding targets.





Jarmila’s special expertise includes people management and business development she has a drive to seek out the full potential in a company’s growth and identify new areas of improvement to further enhance the business direction. She has exceptional networking skills and very client focused to ensure customer satisfaction is a priority at all times.


Her ability to communicate and speak English, Czech, Slovak, Russian and Polish, has always provided an edge to dealing with clients in their native language and given comfort to clients of our ability to truly understand their needs. She has an impeccable discipline of structure and organizational skills, which have proven key on many projects.





I truly love children, they never seize to amaze me and are always full of surprises. I have always had an ear for music and enjoy attending classes, this brings out the artistic side of me and I enjoy painting, reading long novels and when time permits writing short stories. A keen horse rider, especially in the winter months with snow. I can never turn down going to the theatre or small productions. My favourite sport is Ice Hockey and I often can be seen cheering on my local team.




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Kamila Olkowska, the Head of Middle East of Farazad Productions LTD, which seamlessly was choreographed from her former roles in hospitality management. Her abilities are emerged through a conversion from producing diverse aspects of entertainment and creating an effective visualisation into a reality. Her skills are embodied and aspired with a cultural influence through her travels around the world crafting an effective transition of innovation, creativity and vision.



Kamila is an eloquent individual whose accomplishments have shadowed her through a career transpiring of superior leadership and exceptional skills. Kamila has over a decade’s worth of experience within the hospitality industry. She thereon thrived in her profession through the years working in all aspects of the industry composed of efficient and productive managerial roles as a floor manager in clubs and restaurant’s. In turn spending many years working, traveling and learning all aspects of the hospitality and entertainment industry.

Her direction towards events management started in 2004 where she completed a course in Interior Design / Design for Events from St Martins College of Art, London. In 2009 she quickly became a front-runner in the event community where she successfully directed a variety of high profile events with remarkable achievement. Her powerful reputation for organising events led her passion for a career in creating signature high profile events.



Kamila’s passion and energy are ingeniously achieved in fluent innovations of her clientele’s events. Kamila is a resourceful, open-minded individual who enjoys being part of, as well as leading, successful productive teams. As well as possessing considerable customer service skills she also demonstrates an intelligent, diplomatic and tactful attitude to all her clients. Her outstanding leadership skills are transpired through her work of attention to detail which is ensured by a smoothly run, efficient and productive event.



I am a passionate and colourful individual who finds beauty in all aspects of life which I use to compliment my personality. I have a very social and unique soul who absorbs culture, art and fashion surrounding me. My passion to travel the world is accompanied by my fascination for different aspects of design and how each culture entails an exclusive essence. As well as a love of captivating life I enjoy designing clothes and accessories, often creating my own unique style.